The Big Sky Enclosures family

As a young boy I was absolutely obsessed with animals and I was lucky enough to have incredibly supportive parents who tolerated the zoo that made up my childhood bedroom.

Flash forward to 2013 and I found myself with the heart of a zookeeper stuck in uniform of a Registered Nurse working nights at a large hospital in Billings, MT. Don’t get me wrong the healthcare was very rewarding but my passion has always been animals.

We started our collection with one Russian tortoise which turned to 2..3…4….5 and before we new it we had a herd. That herd started what is now the largest private multi-species collection of reptiles in Montana Big Sky Reptiles. As our collection grew so did our realization that the animals we were keeping needed and deserved the very best environment we could provide; so like many hobby breeders I became a professional DIY enclosure designer/builder. In 2019 with our collection seeming to grow exponentially; we decided it was time for a location change.

So that spring my family and I dove headfirst into a new breeding facility with room to expand, and expand we did! We saw a need for high quality affordable enclosures and rack systems in the Pacific North West, we jumped at the opportunity to fill that need. All our products are made of expanded controlled density PVC and machined with a state of the art Industrial CNC Router, followed by meticulous hand routing of edges.

Our product pieces are then inspected for any and all defects before the construction process. Our beautiful handcrafted enclosures will provide the very best habitat to enrich the lives of any reptile in your family. Thank you for choosing Big Sky Enclosures for all your enclosure needs!!